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Fun, Project-Based Approach To Teaching Coding To Children.


Learn To Code From Home

Website Development

Website Design - Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python - Project-Based Module that introduces students to web development via HTML and Google Sites (as a customisable Content Management System) - Course is delivered over Week 1 of the Camp - Each student produces a 4-page website - Each website incorporates Text, Hyperlinks, Videos, Pictures and Audio - Online development tools such as a Web IDE are provided. Advanced Students (Returning Campers) will be exposed to Advanced HTLM, CSS, JSON and WordPress (as the Content Management System, replacing their exposure to Google Sites).

Cartoon Animation

Website Design - Project-Based Module that introduces students to cartoon animation via Scratch and Alice - Course is delivered in Week 2 of the Camp - Each student produces a 30 second animation - Each animation represents an original work of the participant's imagination. - Story Boarding is a fundamental activity in teaching animation which helps with story-writing.

Mobile App Development

Website Design - Project-Based Module that introduces students to Mobile App Development - Course is delivered in Week 3 of the Camp - Each student produces one Android Application - Each application exposes students to developing in the Android IDE. - For this course, App Inventor, built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is used.

Public Speaking

All students are exposed to Public Speaking Training, led by Viris Clarke-Ellis. Viris is a seasoned Toast Master President and Judge. We believe that Public Speaking training is crucial to students delivering excellently on Open Day, but also, ensuring that they are properly exposed to public speaking and learn early the value of being excellent communicators.

Tiny Coders - 4+ to 7+ Year Olds

Tiny Coders These young coders enjoy a lush and stimulative campus at the Deokoro Magnet School for the Gifted and Talented. The school is located in Barbican Community. #6 Enman Avenue (Off Arcadia). Designed for these little people, the A/C computer labs to lush green lawns for playtime, through to the excellent, friendly staff makes this great for our Tech Camp's Affilate Campus. *All Tiny Coders benefit from the same Public Speaking Component and pariticpate in Open Day at the University of the West Indies for both their Project Show and Tell as well as their awards ceremony at the end of the Tech Camp.

T(w)een Coders

Tween Coders (7 to 12 years) and Teen Coders (13 to 17 years) These students attend Tech Camp at our University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Students have the option of working with designated computers that are provided or taking their own devices. First Three Weeks are dedicated to core-objectives of the camp, with the fourth week being reserved for Public Speaking Training, Finalising Projects ahead of Open Day where they make 5-Minute presentations to an audience of parents and peers, inviting parents and peers to view their projects and finally receiving their certificates of participation.


Meet the Magic Makers... Small Team with Big Kid-Friendly Hearts.

Euan Walters

Director- Sales and Marketing

Euan Walters is a truly service-focussed individual who believes in ensuring all our services exceed expectations in the delivery of value, surpassing the monetary fees clients are charged. A simplified way of guaranteeing the best experience possible all around, both for parents and their children. Side note: An easy-to-talk-to personality, always willing to engage in a game of Dominoes, Scrabble or just a quick conversation about Liverpool.

Kyisha Patterson

Director - Operations and Special Projects

Co-ordinating Tech Camps at The University of the West Indies, and at our satellite campus is no easy feat but thankfully, Kyisha does this extremely well. From ensuring students get the warmest reception from day one, feeling comfortable in a strange/new environment right to the last moment they deliver their speeches to their parents and new friends in Open Day. Side Note: She's the Founder and Artistic Director of the 10 year old ArabesK Dance Collective, a dance outfit at Philip Sherlock Centre of Performing Arts and also a sociology teacher.

Mark Scott

Director - Research and Development / Programmes

Having founded the company in 2009, Mark focuses constantly on the next major steps for the company through R&D of new tools to use to extend the reach and impact. Leading by example, he leverages his Computer Science degree to ensure a solid introduction to programming is experienced by the Tiny Coders and T(w)een Coders. Side note: Mark has been learning to play Dominoes since forever... and he's still learning.



Weekend Coders is the best Day Camp in Kingston, Jamaica that provides students with exposure to the University of the West Indies daily, excellent facilities, secured location and extremely friendly and children-friendly staff. The teaching methods are 100% Action Oriented and Project Based, thus learning by doing is very inclusive. All our students are encouraged to learn from and help to share their knowledge with peers to ensure concepts are re-inforced. Having hosted over 3 Summer Camps and one Easter Camp, with students from all walks of life, Tech Camps guarantees to be a memorable experience not just for your child, but your family (who are invited to Open Day... like Show and Tell). With the kind support of the Deokoro Magnet School for the Gifted and Talented as well as the University of the West Indies Mona, we look forward to expand our reach on our way towards teaching 10,000 children in Jamaica to code.

Personal Info

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Tiny and Tween Coders Introduced to Programming


+200 Websites (Created in Google Sites)


30 Second Animations


Mobile Applications (Via MITs App Inventor)

Thanks to your last two summer camps Matthew assisted us with our website development. http://fun.tours/ - Matthew's Dad


2014 Tween Coder
It has helped alot, because I've learnt very quickly how to create websites


2015 Teen Coder
i knew that i wanted to do Information Technology, that was straight from the start because my Dad is also in IT, so it was just a matter of what aspect i would focus on. After doing the course I noticed that I've stuck to mobile app development.


Teen Coder - 2015